Memorial Day Ceremony on the Peoria Riverfront

May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Wreath Ceremony Gateway Building Peoria
Credit Tamie Yost
Veterans and military families gathered at the Gateway Building on Peoria’s riverfront Monday for the annual Memorial Day Ceremony. Each branch of the military was recognized during a medley played by The Peoria Municipal Band. A traditional part of the ceremony is having veterans of each branch stand during their song. Gold star mothers, and families are also recognized.

City Councilman Eric Turner is a Vietnam Veteran and serves as master of ceremonies, he says: “Were giving recognition to them who have lost their sons and daughters in previous wars.  And I've known a lot of these ladies and gentlemen who are here today for a number of years since I've been coordinating this event.   And they really thank us for doing this.”

The ceremony also included families placing wreaths and flowers in a temporary honor garden. Those who died in each of the wars, the September 11th attacks and missing prisoners of war were honored with a flowers. Other Memorial Day events included a Courthouse Plaza Ceremony and a service at Springdale Cemetery. Weekend events included a visit from the Governor, a parade in Washington and special ceremonies at a number of area cemeteries.