Mendoza Sworn in as Comptroller, Takes on Budget Crisis

Dec 5, 2016

Susana Mendoza has been sworn in as Illinois comptroller

Susana Mendoza has been sworn in as Illinois comptroller. The Democrat will serve the final two years of Republican Judy Baar Topinka's term. Topinka was re-elected in 2014 but died suddenly.  Mendoza beat appointed comptroller Leslie Munger in a special election last month.

Mendoza takes over during a period of crisis. The state continues limping along without a budget for the second year in a row because of disagreements between GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democrats who control the Legislature. 

It has resulted in a backlog of overdue bills topping $10 billion. On Friday, six Democratic state representatives sued the comptroller over paychecks they haven't received since May. 

Mendoza says she will continue withholding pay unless ordered by a court. She is not accepting her $136,000 salary.