Methodist College focuses on distracted driving education

Apr 15, 2013

Methodist College is hoping to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. The college hosted the national Distracted Driving Awareness Program Monday.

The program uses driving simulators, educational video and a display coffin to highlight the possible results of distracted  driving. Cody Beerthuis is a tour manager for the program.  He says the program has helped deter some distracted driving habits, and the feedback has been positive:

“I’ve had students message me about how much it’s changed. I’ve had principals and my contacts come up to me to talk about students are still talking in the hallway and there’s a lot of students that are actually putting their cell phones away while they’re driving now,” says Beerthuis. 

Beerthuis says distracted driving kills about 6,000 people each year. He says the best way to avoid distraction is for drivers to keep their phones put away in their glove compartments or center console. Beerthuis says that helps drivers focus on the road but also locate their phones during emergencies.