Metra CEO payout under investigation

Jul 12, 2013

Illinois’ executive inspector general is investigating the large severance package of Metra’s former CEO.  Alex Clifford stands to gain $718,000 for resigning from the rail agency.  Metra’s board of directors has come under fire for agreeing to the big pay-out.  Illinois Governor Pat Quinn says he has the power to fire the entire Metra board - but he has to wait to see what the inspector general finds.

 “Under the law of Illinois, the inspector general is the one who acts to investigate and get to the truth. Only if he issues a report to me do I have any authority over the members of the Metra board,” Quinn says.

 Clifford has alleged he was pushed out for resisting political pressure.  House Speaker Michael Madigan revealed Thursday that he asked staff at Metra to consider giving an associate a pay raise - but later withdrew the request.