Mobile cable-free charging the aim of BU students

Jun 19, 2014

Credit Daniela Vidal / Peoria Public Radio

A group of Bradley students is working on a project that may allow cell phone users to cut the final cord.

Tyler Hoge, Elie Baliss and Sergio Sanchez are working on a wireless electronic charger system. Unlike other wireless charging systems requiring direct contact, people would just need to be with in range of an antenna to charge.

An antenna plugged into an outlet sends a signal that is picked up by another antenna in a phone or other device. The energy put out by the antenna plugged into the outlet is changed into a current that can charge batteries in a variety of electronic devices. 

Hoge says the result is greater mobility. “The devices get true freedom. You no longer have to worry about powering them because every time you walk home, they’re being charged. So you can basically forget the necessity of charging the device, and just use your device as an extension of yourself instead of charging it and worrying about it.”

Hoge says they continue to refine the system and make it more efficient. He says he hopes to have a prototype ready in two years.