Mosquitos thrive despite extreme weather

Jul 9, 2014

  If you’re spending any time outdoors today, you might notice that the cooler weather is doing nothing to curb the number of mosquitos.

In fact, many people thought the polar vortex would do away with many of the pests. IPR’s Mariam Sobh tells you why that didn’t happen. 

Plants, animals and insects are becoming more adaptable to extreme weather conditions.  And while the record cold temperatures killed some mosquito larvae, it didn’t get rid of all of them.

 In fact, the melted snow and spring rains may have even offered some areas to thrive. 

Chris Young is with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

“We create a lot of habitat for mosquitoes in Urban Areas”

Young says that’s because mosquitoes survive on even the tiniest amount of water. 

“Rain gutters are a big issue, because you get a lot of leaves and organic debris that breaks down in there and water stands in them..”

Young advises people to wear repellent when heading outdoors, especially in the evening when Mosquitoes tend to be on the hunt.