Motorists encouraged to slow down in construction zones

Apr 7, 2014

Motorists are being reminded to slow down and avoid distractions while driving as construction season gets underway.

The Illinois Department of Transportation and Illinois State Police are kicking off a National Work Zone Safety campaign in front of the I-74 and I-155 construction project in Morton. They say speeding and distracted driving are the major contributing factors to work zone crashes.

There were 29 work zone related fatalities last year in Illinois. One of those was a construction worker. Dustin Pierce is the spokesman for the Illinois State Police District 8.

“That’s what we typically see is a lot of the people dying in construction zone crashes are the motorists. Out on the construction zone behind us last year, we had some extremely high speeds. We had up to a 96-mile an hour in a 45-mile an hour zone. That’s completely unacceptable,” says Pierce.

Pierce says District 8 state police issued about 780 citations for people speeding in construction zones with a majority coming from the I-74/I-155 project. He says the minimum fine for speeding in a construction zone is 375-dollars.

Increased trooper presence as well as photo speed enforcement vans are being used this construction season to issue tickets.