Motorists urged to avoid flooded roads

Apr 18, 2013

More than a dozen road and bridge closures remain in effect as showers and thunderstorms continue to hit central Illinois. Some of the roads considered impassable include Illinois 8 and 116 in Peoria and Knox Counties, 13-miles of Illinois Route 26 in Woodford County and Edwards and Farmington Roads just outside Peoria. Brian Williamsen is the IDOT spokesman for District 4.

With some of the roads, it’s a situation where just the amount of rainfall leads to a need for a temporary closure. It’s something also though with other roads that we’ve had to take a look at depending on if there are structural impacts (to) culverts near the roads, things like that. So, there will more than likely be some that may have to be closed for a little bit of an extended time. We’ll just have to analyze that here as the flood waters recede in those locations

Showers and thunderstorms are expected to continue through the night for the listening area. Some of those storms could produce heavy rain making for more or extended road closures. A complete list of blocked roads is available at