New Don't Shoot indictments

Oct 28, 2013

Credit Denise Molina-Weiger / Peoria Public Radio
12 alleged members of Peoria’s ‘Zone 4’ gang have been indicted in federal court. It’s the second round-up of the anti-violence program called Don’t Shoot. 

The first indictments against 12 other offenders landed about a year ago.  Those charged range in age from 23 to 34. All are Peoria residents.

The Don’t Shoot law enforcement collaboration includes the U-S District Attorney, the Peoria Mayor, the Chief of Police and the Sheriff. 

Some have criticized the program as shootings and violent acts continued. Regardless, Peoria County Sheriff Mike McCoy says the program has taken a big bite out of crime:

Mccoy: “29 people who have shot people in Peoria in the last year are off the streets. They are no longer out there. That should answer about 90 percent of the questions people have. The other thing is in the state court there have been 51 indictments. 31 of of them have either pled guilty or been found guilty. The other 20 are waiting and nobody has been found not guilty.”

The Sheriff says crime is going to continue. But he knows the program is working because the jail is full. 

The indictments came through the on-going work of the FBI and the Peoria Police Department. 

The Peoria Police Chief says the gang they targeted with last year’s indictments is still active. He says individuals with the Bomb Squad have received the Don’t shoot message, but the group as a whole has not. 

The next police-gang call-in meeting is Wednesday.