New name, structure for Heartland Partnership

Jun 3, 2013

The Heartland Partnership now has a new name and structure. The group of organizations that used to function in the Partnership have been reduced, refocused, and in at least one case, completely disbanded. The Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce and the CEO Council are the two private businesses remaining under the newly-named Greater Peoria Business Alliance.

Cal MacKay is the CEO of the Alliance. He says the new structure will focus specifically on the needs of private business and the regional business climate. MacKay says the Greater Peoria Business Alliance’s first focus areas include revitalizing Peoria’s downtown business and warehouse  districts, and identifying regional education and workforce gaps.

The Economic Development Council, previously a part of Heartland Partnership, is also now a stand-alone operation. The new EDC, however, is now under the direction of the Focus Forward CI group and is contracting with the Business Alliance for back office services until its up and running.