New online drivers education program


Young adults who have never been through a drivers' education program may have to take an online class in order to get a license.   

Many teens run to get their drivers' license as soon as they turn 16. To do so, they of course need to pass a driving test, but they also need to have passed a drivers' education class. That requirement is lifted for people who wait until they're 18. 

"Once you turn 18 you can just walk into the Secretary of State's office and get your license with no training at all," said Representative John D'Amico, a Chicago Democrat. D’Amico is a sponsor of a measure approved by the House.

"What this would do, this would require you to take this online course so at least you know the rules of the road before you take the test," says D’Amico.

D'Amico says it's a six-hour class, with no behind-the-wheel component. He estimates it'll cost students $25. The measure only applies to adults between the ages of 18 and 20, though some legislators say they want any adult who didn't take drivers ed to get some sort of formal training.