New Pekin ordinance helps landlords

Jul 15, 2014

Pekin's new Crime Free Housing Ordinance will help landlords and police deal with problematic tenants.

Disorderly conduct, neighbor disputes and occasional drug activity are some of the problems happening on and near rental properties.

Pekin Police Detective Mike Eeten says more communication between police and Pekin’s 840 landlords is one benefit of the ordinance.

"One of the things we’re going to be doing is checking the call history to rental properties on a daily basis. We will communicate with the landlords to let them know what’s going on on their property. So if there’s crimes occurring, the police are called that kind of thing, that landlord’s going to know about that because we’re going to notify them."

Landlords must pay a $10 annual fee to cover costs for the program. Owners must also attend a Crime Free Housing Program seminar. The seminar will explain how landlords can screen tenants, conduct evictions and prevent crime on their property. Police will also have tools to deal with a small number of landlords who do not act on recurring problems.

The ordinance is effective July 24. ​