New state election bill means likely changes this November

Jun 11, 2014

The Peoria City Election Commission is preparing for changes during the November election. Lawmakers approved a new election bill last week that expands the number of days people can register to vote. This ‘grace period’ time now includes the day before the election and on election day where people can both register and vote.

Tom Bride is executive director of the Peoria City Election Commission. He says some voters might think they can register during the ‘grace period’ at their usual precinct:

“So they’ll be able to go to at least two locations the Monday before and Election Day and register and vote. So you;re going to hear election day’s somewhat election day registration, but you're going to be limited to a couple locations to do that,” Bride says.

Bride says the two locations will be the commission’s main office and likely on the ICC North campus. The election bill only applies to the November election. Bride says the measure also adds two extra hours onto early voting periods in the eight days before the election. Bride says the bill also eliminates the requirement for voters to show an ID for early voting.