No August paychecks for state lawmakers

Jul 25, 2013

Illinois lawmakers will not get their paychecks for the month of August.  

Governor Pat Quinn took the unusual step earlier this month of cutting lawmakers’ pay out of the state budget.

He says they won’t get paid until they pass pension reform.

Judy Baar Topinka is Illinois’ comptroller - whose job it is to actually send out those paychecks.

She says she’s not sure Quinn’s veto is legal - so she went to some lawyers for advice on what to do.

TOPINKA: Given the serious precedent that is being created, and I do stress that, because, I think, we’re on some really dangerous ground here, I look forward to receiving additional guidance from the judicial branch.

But that judicial branch guidance would require someone to sue - something that hasn’t been done yet and could be seen as politically unpopular.

Topinka says while legally she might not have a choice in the matter - personally - she thinks stopping lawmakers’ pay makes the state look, quote, “ridiculous.”