No home access for some Washington residents for second consecutive day

Nov 25, 2013

Washington residents with heavily damaged or destroyed homes will still not be able to access their homes Tuesday. It’s the second day in a row that residents could not enter the affected areas following last week’s devastating tornado. Washington Mayor Gary Manier says residents stacked large amounts of debris on street-curbs over the weekend:

“Some of them stack 15 to 20-feet high, it’s just not a safe place for people to be.  We’re making sure our operators and truck drivers and things are being as safe as possible.  So we need one more day to get that debris out of there,” Manier says.

Officials say insurance adjustors will be allowed into the affected areas during this time.  There is also a special meeting for contractors involved in rebuilding efforts Tuesday at Central Junior High School in East Peoria.  The informational meeting starts at 6.