'No Joke': What Happens When a Muslim, a Jew and an Evangelical Become Friends?

Sep 14, 2016

Religious leaders (from left to right) Pastor Jim Powell, Rabbi Rabbi Daniel Bogard and Imam Kamil Mufti are the subect of an upcoming documentary, "The No Joke Project."
Credit The No Joke Project

A nationally-known Christian author is producing a book and documentary called “The No Joke Project” that centers on the friendship between an Imam, Rabbi and Evangelical Pastor in Peoria.

Jim Henderson, who’s also an Evangelical pastor, has been featured in national media, including the Wall Sreet Journal and This American Life, for his efforts to befriend, rather than convert, “non-believers.”

Henderson told Peoria Public Radio’s Cass Herrington that’s one reason why he felt compelled to document the story playing out in Peoria:

The documentary follows three faith leaders, Rabbi Daniel Bogard, Imam Kamil Mufti and Pastor Jim Powell.

Henderson says the political conversations surrounding Evangelicals, particularly during this presidential election, prompted him to tell their story.