No votes in favor of Quinn's SIU board of trustees appointments

The Illinois Senate hasn't provided a single vote in favor of three appointments by Governor Pat Quinn to the Southern Illinois University board of trustees.

The Democratic-controlled Senate voted zero-to-23, with 32 “present” votes, on Quinn's request to name Sandra Cook of Collinsville, Melvin Terrell of Chicago and Lee Milner of Springfield. The Democratic governor named them as replacements for three board members whose terms expired last month. Alton Democratic Senator William Haine says he didn't know the nominees' qualifications, but he praised the outgoing members, John Simmons of East Alton, Mark Hinrichs of O'Fallon and Ed Hightower of Edwardsville.  "To have these three people dismissed publicly, without any reason given, I don't think is the right thing to do for them, for their record of service, for Southern Illinois University or for any university." Haine says Quinn didn't seek Senate advice on the appointees as the state Constitution requires.