North Peoria nature center project gets state funding

May 14, 2013

The Peoria Park District is putting some state parks grant funding to work on building a Nature Center in Tawny Oaks. It’s next to Singing Woods off Route 88 in North Peoria. Bonnie Noble is the Executive Director of the Peoria Park District. She says the more than $217,000 state grant gets the Tawny Oaks Nature Center project started: 

 “We are just delighted especially because this project is funded not from the state of Illinois, it also has federal funds in it and then a local grant part of it. So, it’s the three of us coming together recognizing the value of conservation, recreation, parks,” Noble says.

 The Tawny Oaks Nature Center project also include a shelter, trails and permeable paved parking. The site will feature 11-acres of various plantings and interpretive stations. The state grant funding is part of more than $15 million awarded this year that’s being matched by local park districts.