Obama sounds familiar themes at Knox College speech

Jul 24, 2013

Speaking to a boisterous crown at Knox College today, President Obama outlined what he wants to do to rebuild the middleclass.  IPR’s Scott Stuntz reports:


 The president started by linking his remarks to a speech he also gave at Knox College just after he was elected Senator.

“So in many ways the trends I spoke about here in 2005…the trend of a winner-take-all economy where a few were doing better and better and better, while everybody else just treads water, those trends have been made worse by the recession,” Obama says.

He then outlined his plan to lower the cost of education, increase home ownership, safeguard retirement savings, and drive down healthcare costs.

He says all this would strengthen the middle class.

Scattered throughout the plan were warnings to Republicans not to block reforms like the Affordable Care Act without offering their own ideas. He also warned them not to create another crisis later this summer when the nation hits the Debt Ceiling again.