Official: transparency still lacking with FFCI

Aug 14, 2013

Focus Forward CI approved its bylaws as it transitions to an independent group.  The region's new economic development effort was originally a part of the Tri-County Regional Planning Commission.  Tri-County chair Larry Whitaker was the only no vote against the bylaws.  He says the rules should specifically allow public attendance of FFCI meetings to be more transparent:

 “We have nothing to hide.  Why do we want to set up the potential or the crack in the door, that would allow us to do that? There’s just no reason to do it,” Whitaker says.

 Officials say the new effort will properly notice meetings and follow the spirit of the Open Meetings Act.  The regional effort has also seen a call from public officials for more transparency regarding open meetings and bylaws for the new EDC.  The non-profit FFCI group is expected to be operational by the end of the year.