As One Door Closes, Another Door Opens for South Side Christian Academy

Jul 13, 2017

The newly-formed South Side Christian Academy will have a new building when school starts in August.

The Peoria County Board approved a zoning request Thursday to allow the school to move into the Knights of Columbus building on Hill Street in Peoria.

The Academy started with a kindergarten classes last school year. School board member Lisa Waibel hopes to see gradual growth.

“Were hoping to go through eighth grade with our school, building it one year at a time.”

Hiedi Bradle is a kindergarten teacher at the faith-based school. She says she’s seen the educational benefit of a religious curriculum firsthand.

“In an environment where it can be focused around Christ as well as small class sizes, and just in general give opportunities to have field trips throughout the area, we are able to provide an education where they can thrive and grow.”

The academy is currently renting out the Hilltop Fellowship Church in Peoria. The school is tuition-free, and greatly depends on donations from local churches and the public.