One state retirement system escapes pension changes

Dec 4, 2013

The pension changes will impact all of the state's retirement systems except for one, the fund for Illinois judges. House Speaker Michael Madigan says that's because the pension legislation will surely face a constitutional challenge that members of the State Supreme Court will have to decide.  

Madigan says by leaving them out, it eliminates the possibility of a conflict of interest. That reasoning does not sit well with Republican Representative Dan Brady of Bloomington.

"These are the same justices, or judges, that on a daily basis put on a robe, and serve Lady Justice with that blindfold, who are supposed to be impartial and fair and not have something obstruct their ability to serve as a judge or justice in the state of Illinois."

Brady voted against the plan. He has long said he would oppose any pension overhaul that did not include ALL of the state's pension systems.