One Vote Determines Peoria’s At-large Candidate Field

Mar 9, 2017

The slate of at-large candidates is set in the City of Peoria. Rob Hanauer won the fourth and final spot on the ballot by one vote. He beat Amr Elsamny 2004 to 2003.


Robert Hanauer

The mailed ballots that trickled in since election day created a state of flux between Hanauer and Elsamny. Hanauer was declared the winner at the Election Commission Meeting Thursday when they certified the results of the February 28th primary.


Hanauer says the wait of the last nine days has been a little overwhelming. “I’ve been trying to approach it with a sense of humor. You know you can’t unring a bell. It’s already been written it’s just a matter of waiting. So now, I guess I am turning my attention to April 4th.”


Amr Elsamny still has the option to request a discovery recount.  Hanauer says he understands the position he’s in. “Up until Tuesday I was in that position. So I completely, I understand and I am not going to fault him if he decides to challenge.”


Amr Elsamny
Credit Cass Herrington / Peoria Public Radio

The other at-large candidates are Zack Oyler,John Kelly and Sid Ruckriegel.


Early voting for the general election begins at 8:30 Friday at the election commission office in downtown Peoria. The general election sample ballot is expected to be posted by later in the day. Vote By Mail Ballots will also start going out Friday.