Online gambling measure considered

Mar 25, 2013

 The latest version of a plan to give Illinois more casinos also bets on a type of wagering currently not allowed at all: Internet gambling. But as Amanda Vinicky reports ... the Governor's not interested in playing.

Governor Pat Quinn has already rejected several plans that would make way for five more casinos in Illinois. But he seems to have come around to the idea ... even mentioning it in his last, major budget address. A new version of a gambling package seeks to assuage the governor's regulatory and ethical concerns. It includes a ban on campaign contributions from the gambling industry.But it also paves the way for Illinois residents to legally bet online. The legislation says "the Internet has become an integral part of everyday life" and that many Illinois residents already use the web to gamble ... using unlicensed, illegal sites.  This would allow the state to regulate and profit.Quinn isn't sold. "I think that's problematic.  It's a brand new idea and there hasn't been much review on that at all.  Anytime you have something brand new it shouldn't just be thrown into a bill at the last minute."However ... Senate President John Cullerton - like Quinn, a Democrat -- promoted the idea of making Illinois a hub for online gambling last May.And legislators are scheduled to be in session all through THIS May.  So there are is time left to hash it out. I'm Amanda Vinicky.