OSF joins Mayo Clinic Network

Apr 19, 2013

  OSF HealthCare is joining the Mayo Clinic Care Network.  The system allows O-S-F physicians to access medical resources from the Mayo Clinic.  Doctor Kathleen Forbes is the Chief Clinical Officer of the O-S-F Healthcare System.  She says the partnership will allow doctors to use an online tool called Ask-Mayo-Expert:

 “I might to just check on something, a disease state, what are the current recommendations based on the evidence-based guidelines?  it’s there in the database.  I can log in, look at it.  I can even as a physician receive continuing medical-education credits from reviewing that information.  And that is constantly updates, thoroughly-vetted by Mayo, so it becomes a very rich resource for us,” Forbes says.

 Forbes says OSF physicians will also be able to use the E-Consults program from the Mayo Network.  She says that allows local doctors to share patient information with Mayo experts to help confirm a medical diagnosis.  Forbes says the partnership will also save patients from traveling outside the region to get additional medical information.