Outside The Horseshoe - March 25, 2014

Mar 25, 2014

A group of parents and interested citizens has launched a public movement called Change 150. The campaign is against the Peoria District 150 Superintendent and Board of Education. It resulted in ouster of the only school board member up for re-election last week. Yesterday one of the city’s most prominent African American Pastors stood in front of the reporters from all media outlets in the city to say the group was misguided and function largely on a racial bias.  This Outside The Horseshoe program airs some of the comments from Peoria Pastor Harvey Burnett and School Board member Linda Butler. 

Those in the reporter huddle asking questions included: Pam Adams, Peoria Journal Star, Brian Anton, and Sophie Nielsen-Kolding, WMBD TV,  Larry Foulk, WEEK TV and Tanya Koonce, Peoria Public Radio.