Partial shutdown to impact Il National Guard

Oct 1, 2013

The Illinois National Guard says the partial government shutdown is going to have a big impact on its operations and on communities. IPR'S Patrick Smith reports.

Captain Dustin Cammack says only about 70 of the guard’s 13 hundred civilian technicians will be allowed to work during the shutdown. That means more than 12 hundred maintenance workers, administrators and trainers who keep the guard running will be forced to stay home. Cammack says he and his fellow technicians are supposed to come into work today...

"...And our boss will hand us a letter that says you’re being furloughed and we’ll turn around and go home."

While the shutdown won’t impact the guard’s emergency readiness, Cammack says it will be felt. 

"Like in my case half my salary is going to be gone so that has a big effect not only just on us but on the community around us, our friends our family and its not going to be fun I’ll tell you that."

Cammack says if the shutdown lasts longer than two weeks training and other exercises could be canceled, affecting thousands of Guard members.