Pekin HS student struck at HAWK crossing

Apr 29, 2014

Credit Pekin Police Department

A 15 year old Pekin high school student was struck by a car this afternoon (Tuesday) while crossing Parkway Drive. Pekin Police reportedly responded to the call at Parkway and Stadium Drives at about 2:50p.m..  The female student was walking east across Parkway with the so called HAWK signal lights activated red. An elderly driver reportedly disobeyed the solid red light, and struck the girl as she crossed. The student was transported to OSF Hospital in Peoria with head injuries. The driver of the vehicle was cited for disobeying a traffic control device.

The Pekin  Police are asking people to be mindful of the special crossing light at the heavily traveled four lane intersection.  When a walker activates the overhead light, it goes through a sequence of flashing and solid yellow light before it goes to a solid double red light indicating a full stop is necessary. The flashing double red sequence that follows means a full stop is required and the pedestrian walkway should be clear before a driver proceeds.