Pekin's tornado recovery effort

Nov 18, 2013

 Nearly 200 homes were damaged or destroyed in the EF-2 tornado that hit Pekin Sunday.

Pekin Police Detective Mike Eeten says in the hardest hit parts of the city families are still coming and going sorting through rubble that used to be their homes.

Eeten: “Some homes that are just damaged they are still going in moving items out because obviously they know this is going to be a long process. So there are lots of people here helping people get their belongings out and kind of pick up the pieces. On one hand it’s very sad to see, on the other hand it’s very nice to see the community coming together helping eachother.” 

Eeten says about 50 homes in Pekin are a complete lost. Much of the northern part of city also remains without power. Eeten says restoring power is taking time because many trees limbs have to be removed before they can replace the power poles.

Ameren Illinois has a total of 600 additional workers throughout the region including Woodford County. But some Woodford County resident are ComEd customers. They are expecting to remain without power until tomorrow.