Peoria Chiefs planning new food options for season kick-off

Mar 19, 2014

The Peoria Chiefs return to Dozer Park next month. Baseball fans will also find new food items to enjoy during the crack of the bat, including turkey legs and an all-beef corn dog.  Rocky Vonachen is the president for the Chiefs. He says the move is part of an overall strategy to generate revenue and attract fans following a restructuring agreement last year:

 “Part of that is the fan they say ‘hey that was fun’ and they want to come back more often. The food, atmosphere, play on the field is part of that, our giveaways our promotions. So it’s a lot of things that all work together,” Vonachen says. 

 Opening day for the Peoria Chiefs is April 8th.  Vonachen says the return of baseball season can also help people get beyond memories of the long, snowy winter in Central Illinois.