Peoria city council approves purchase of additional road salt

Apr 9, 2014

The City of Peoria is replacing some of the road salt depleted during the record harsh winter. The city uses about 400 tons of salt each time it snows more than two inches, and could handle several additional snow falls before it would run out.  

But Public Works Director Mike Rogers says the extra 240-thousand dollar salt purchase the city council approved will replace about half of the City's typical 2-year salt stockpile. 

“And we were using those. It was a good decision that was made in the past to do those stockpiles, or else we would have been in a very difficult situation. Especially with the river barges not being able to transport that salt,” says Rogers.

When Peoria was drawing down stored salt supplies, other cities ran out and looked to purchase from communities with extra. Rogers says Peoria didn’t sell any of its stockpile because it was still unclear what else winter had in store. He says the city used double the normal amount of salt.

The 240-thousand dollar salt purchase will fill about half the city’s now empty dome on Dries Lane. The city will make another purchase of the same amount later this year to fill the dome.