Peoria City Council considering how to handle video gambling cafes

Aug 27, 2014

The City of Peoria is considering how to handle video gambling cafes. The council's policy session on the subject came about three hours into last night's meeting.

Peoria City Councilman Eric Turner is also the City’s Deputy Liquor Commissioner. He says the city needs some additional regulations or it will be overwhelmed with requests for video gaming cafes. Turner says it’s important that any additional video gaming parlors don’t impact the neighborhoods or existing gaming businesses.  

Some of the ideas for managing the establishments include limiting the number in each district, and creating a special liquor class for them. Two video gambling cafe’s are licensed and operating in Peoria and two are pending. 

The Peoria City Council is planning to approve a temporary moratorium on gaming parlors in two weeks. That will automatically expire March first, at the same time of annual liquor license renewals. Council Members are aiming to get video gaming parlor operating regulations set later this year.