Peoria City, County detail legislative priorities

Jan 16, 2014

Peoria County wants area lawmakers to help transition to a consolidated election commission.  The county is asking for oversight over the city election commission’s annual budget before seeking to ask voters if they want a combined commission. Currently the city election commission receives an annual budget allocation from the county based on a funding formula. State Senator Darin LaHood says he’s not confident that Springfield will approve a bill to give the county more financial control:

 “We have good support here locally to do that.  The problem is going down there and other people from around the state don’t necessarily want to set a precedent or they’re concerned about how that affects other election commissions in their part of the state,” LaHood says.

 The election commission proposal is one of several priorities the City and County want lawmakers to focus on this year. Others include making it easier for municipalities to declare vacant land abandoned. The City also wants lawmakers to expand the use of speed enforcement cameras and help with local pension reform.