Peoria City, County look to digital data storage

Apr 15, 2013

Peoria County could help the City of Peoria back-up its storage for emergency data.  A proposal from the Metro Peoria committee would use a shared city-county fiber-optic cable to create an offsite backup location.  Tom Seckler is with Peoria County’s IT department.  He says disk-storage has advantages over traditionally backing up data on tapes:

“It’s much much faster, much easier to restore.  Less physical dealing with, when you have tapes it’s like taking a tape out of your cassette player and putting it back in another one. If you change tapes when they fill up.  We don’t have that anymore.  It’s enough space to back your data up and it’s magic,” Seckler says.  

The City could also save thousands-of-dollars partnering with the County compared to renting storage out-of-town.  Peoria County will take up the proposed data-sharing measure next month.