Peoria city staff proposing changes to Forrest Hill project

Apr 30, 2014

Peoria city staff is presenting new suggestions on how to reconstruct Forrest Hill following a public forum two weeks ago. Another meeting is being held Wednesday night at the city’s public works building on Dries Lane.

The project will include replacing the roadway surface from Sheridan Road to Knoxville, installing new sidewalks and replacing curb and gutters.

Public concern following the first public forum mostly revolved around speeding traffic on the busy thoroughfare. Stephen Letsky is a civil engineer with the Peoria Public Works Department. He says city staff is proposing to install a speed table at North Street to slow traffic. 

“The entire intersection is raised up from one end of the crosswalk to the other end of the crosswalk, and people would drive up and over that. They do slow down to go over those type of raised intersections lest they get airborne in their car, and most people don’t want to do that,” says Letsky.

Letsky says city staff is also proposing to remove all on-street parking between Sheridan and Knoxville and add bike lanes to slow traffic.

This will likely be the final public forum on the Forrest Hill project. The goal is for the city to work alongside Illinois American Water to re-construct the road and install new water main this summer.

Wednesday night's meeting is from 6 to 7:15.