Peoria City/County WIC program to stay open amid government shutdown

Oct 2, 2013

The government shutdown has cut federal nutrition funding for women, infants and children across the country.  But the WIC program at the Peoria City/County Health Department remains open. Health Administrator Greg Chance says appropriations for federal WIC funding are good through next June, but the funding hasn’t arrived: 

 “Unfortunately, depending on your perspective, we are used to seeing delays of payments especially from our state of Illinois funds.  That’s why we have been a good watchdog over our dollars to make sure we have enough reserves to handle these potential lapses in payments,” Chance says. 

  Chance says the department will spend $300,000 from reserves this fiscal year to compensate for late payments. That includes delayed funding for the department’s lead hazard and public health emergency programs. Chance says the department plans to end the fiscal year with just under three-million-dollars in reserve funding.