Peoria cold case arrests could help solve other crimes

Jul 3, 2014

Peoria Police say a murder from eight years ago was connected to a chain of retaliation murders.  Police arrested three people this week in connection to the shooting death of Robbin Underwood in 2006.  Police say Underwood was shot in a vehicle as a bystander during a shooting.  Renee Turner is Underwood’s daughter-in-law. She says the arrests help bring some closure after several years:

 “Most of all that Robbin’s name will be cleared that she just wasn’t a bad person...wrong place at the wrong time,” Turner says.

 Police arrested Allen Fitzpatrick, Anthony King and Michael Johnson in the shooting death. Peoria Police Captain Mike Eddlemon says the shooting was in retaliation for the murder of Carl Wells a few days before Underwood died.  Eddlemon says police are working on more arrests related to the incident. He also says the investigation could uncover new information to help solve other cold cases for the city.