Peoria County board members talk cemetery board, sales tax

Feb 27, 2014

Some Peoria County Board members say they oppose reducing its number of appointees on the Springdale Cemetery Authority.  The County pays $60,000 a year towards the cemetery operating deficit. The Park District pays $40,000 and the City pays the rest of any remaining deficit.  The City wants to have more representation on the Springdale Board.  That would mean a reduction in a County slot.  County Board member Allen Mayer says the County Board needs to maintain its current presence on the Springdale Authority:

 “Remember, everybody who lives in the city of Peoria is also in peoria County. We represent a lot of the same people. And I think  it’s good that we get this sort of representation on what is, again, one of our fabulous local assets,” Mayer says.  

 No changes are being made to the Springdale board composition.  County staff will continue discussion with the city about any future proposals to change the board make-up.  In other business, the County Board will discuss if it should take a formal position on the one-percent sales tax increase headed to voters next month.   Some Board members are concerned the increase has no end-date. They also say schools needs to be more specific on how they plan to spend the revenue from the tax.