Peoria County Board members vote to cancel their health plan

Sep 12, 2013

Peoria County Board members can only use the county’s health plan through December.  Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports the Board voted to cancel the perk starting next year:

 Board members agreed on ending the plan, saying they don’t work enough hours per week to use the benefits.  But there was disagreement on ending the benefits January 1st.  The County State’s Attorney’s office says it’s possible for Board members to sue the county by arguing that ending the health plan before their term ends violates state law, because it could violate state law.  An amendment was proposed to instead end the health coverage after each board member’s term.  Board member Allen Mayer voted against that.  He says voters should know if any board member takes legal action:

 “I would really hope that no one on this board feels like they want to keep health insurance, subsidized health insurance for a part time job so badly that they’re willing to sue the county to do it,” Mayer says.

 Only two members out of 18 currently use the county’s health plan.  That costs the County about $25,000 each year.