Peoria County issued at least 59 same sex marriage licenses in first month

Jul 7, 2014

It’s been more than a month since Peoria County began issuing same-sex marriage licenses. Same-sex couples with civil unions can get them converted for free into a marriage license.  Some counties will convert the civil union even if it’s from a different county. But Peoria County Clerk Steve Sonnemaker says his office is avoiding that:

 “We’re not doing that because we don’t have the dates. We would need a certified copy of the civil union with all the information so we’re recommending to folks who received a civil union in another county that they should return there to have it converted. That county clerk’s office would have all their information and it would just be a smoother process,” Sonnemaker says.  

 Peoria County issued 143 civil unions since 2011. Sonnemaker says 43 of those were converted into marriage licenses. He says his office issued at least 59 same-sex marriage licenses last month.