Peoria County looking to gauge on-site staff performance

Feb 27, 2013

  Peoria County is looking to better gauge how well it’s Planning and Zoning staff interact with residents. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports: 
 Peoria County Administration says it’s been hearing accounts that staff in the Planning and Zoning Department allegedly aren’t being courteous or professional in the field in some cases.  Scott Sorrel is Assistant Peoria County Administrator.  He says the County will start surveying people: “We have no way of saying whether that’s a true statement or not.  What staff wanted to do is provide an opportunity to collect hard data to either say yes that is a problem and we need to work on it or no that’s not a problem and we can go from there,” Sorrel says. Sorrel says the County plans to survey homeowners, contractors and anyone else who interacts with inspectors during code enforcement or building permit inspections about the service quality.  He says the County will also compare itself to other communities to find possible places to improve.  Also future residents of Heddington Oaks who pay for private rooms will likely see a $21,000 rate increase. The rate increase needs full County Board.