Peoria County looking for one health provider between jail, juvenile center

Mar 26, 2014

Peoria County is looking to consolidate eight separate health services between the Jail and Juvenile Detention Center under one provider. Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports:

The Jail and juvenile detention center have separate medical, mental health, dental and pharmaceutical contracts. Those services cost more than $1 million each year between both facilities. County staff is now negotiating with Correct Care Solutions to run all the programs for a likely similar cost. But County Administrator Lori Curtis Luther says a new contract would formalize the jail and juvenile center’s relationship with the non-profit Human Service Center in order to provide longer-term help:

“We think there’s an integration of mental health services that we’re seeing more and more of a need for in both of these facilities. And we think that our ability to deal with these particular needs and plan appropriately for individuals upon discharge – so that once they leave our facilities they’re connected with services - may help our recidivism rates,” Luther says.

The contract, once negotiated, will head to a county committee likely in May. In other business, the county land use committee voted down proposed amendments to regulate the building of new craft distilleries and wineries in the County.