Peoria County not considering Schock to pay for special elections

Apr 20, 2015

Credit Associated Press

The Peoria County Board won’t ask former Congressman Aaron Schock to pay for a special election after resigning last month.  

Marshall County already wants Schock to pay for its share of the special primary and general election costs later this year.

Woodford County is reportedly looking to do the same. But Peoria County Board member Jimmy Dillon says he's not getting his hopes up for Schock to make good on any request:

“Yeah, it might be nice if Aaron paid for it, but it’s really a waste of the paper that we’re sending him, because more than likely he would never pay for it.”

Schock has about $3 million in his campaign funds. But Dillon suggested that money could go towards Schock's likely looming legal fees as a grand jury takes up questions about Schock’s office expenses and campaign spending.