Peoria County proposes new animal control contract

Jul 8, 2013

Peoria County is asking municipalities to sign onto a three year contract for animal control services. The current contracts with 14 Peoria County communities expire at the end of the year.

The standard full service contract pays for bite investigations, stray animal impoundments, and animal rescue  at two-dollars annually per person. Lauren Malmberg is the Director of Peoria County Animal Protection Services. She says the proposed three-year contract would charge nothing in the first year, one-dollar per person in year two and two-dollars per capita in the final year. That essentially cuts the costs of the animal control services in half for communities over the life of the contract:

“And I think this was an attempt on the part of the Board to recognize the budget constraints that the villages may be experiencing right now with the economy, and also recognize that the cost of providing animal control services is likely to escalate at the years go on.  And so, while they’re paying $2 per capita right now, this will give them some relief,” Malmberg says.

The new contracts would start January first 2014 and expire at the end of 2016. This reduced cost contract proposal comes as the County is looking to increase fines and punishments for the owners of dangerous dogs. Peoria County Animal Control is also stepping up patrols and enforcement on rabies registrations.