Peoria County voters to consider two referenda in November

Aug 15, 2014

The November Ballot will include two government consolidation questions for Peoria County voters. 

The Peoria County Board voted 10 to eight to send the Election Commission consolidation question to the ballot. The ballot question on dissolving the Recorder of Deeds office was approved 12 to five. 

Both matters received significant debate. But for some, it was a clear choice. 

Democratic Board Member Andrew Rand says the county’s revenue growth is not keeping pace with expenditures and that supports downsizing government. 

“Why don’t we just have discussion on raising taxes, so we can keep these things. Then we wouldn’t have to have a discussion about asking the people how much government they want to have.”  

Dissolving the Recorder of Deeds Office functions into the Clerk’s Office would save the more than 100-thousand dollar annual salary of the recorder. 82 counties in the state already have the recorder of deeds function under the County Clerk. Creating a County Election Commission, would officially consolidating the city and county election operations that are already functioning together.