Peoria deals with the thaw

Feb 18, 2014

Peoria drivers and pedestrians are dealing with slushy conditions as the snow continues to melt. City of Peoria road crews are now preparing to handle the steady streams of water crossing sidewalks and roadways. Peoria City Streets manager David Haste says commuters shouldn’t have too much difficulty driving during the heat of the day.

“We could have some standing water on the primary streets from time to time. And that;s the thing we’ll respond to right away. We’ll eventually move into the residential areas to start clearing tops of the inlets and the drains once we have everything good to go on the primary streets,” Haste says.

Haste says, however, the predicted rainfall on Thursday could add to the possible water issues for commuters. He says there are about 9,000 drains and inlets in the City. Haste says crews are also repairing potholes across as the thaw continues.