Peoria Democratic Lawmakers Frustrated

Feb 15, 2017

Rep Jehan Gordon-Booth, Assistant Majority Leader (D-Peoria)

In his budget address Wednesday, Governor Bruce Rauner said he was open to an income tax increase as part of the Illinois Senate’s so-called grand bargain. But he came out against a tax on food and medicine, which is also part of the Senate deal.


Peoria State Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth says her fellow Democrats are frustrated the governor did not push Republicans to support the compromise. A series of test votes last week got zero Republican support.

Gordon-Booth asks, “why was there not one single Republican vote on any of those bills that were negotiated by Christine Radogno who’s a Republican leader?”

Sen Dave Koehler (D-Peoria)

Senate Republican Leader Radogno and Senate President John Cullerton are the architects of the bipartisan Senate package. Negotiations are still underway.

But Democratic State Senator Dave Koehler says the governor is only driving more of a wedge. "I know that we were ready to vote the other day, and all of the sudden the governor goes into the Republican caucus, and all of the sudden we don’t get a vote on anything.”

That may have been part of the impetus for Democrats laughter at parts of Rauner’s speech. Some also displayed signs reading “Rauner Budget = Fake News.”