Peoria Fire Dept. warns of carbon monoxide poisoning

Oct 25, 2013

The Peoria Fire Department is reminding residents of the importance of carbon monoxide detectors as temperatures cool, and area residents begin to turn on their furnaces.

State law requires homes using gas-fueled appliances to have the detectors. They must be placed within 15-feet of every sleeping area. The invisible, odorless, colorless gas is known as the silent killer.

Phillip Maclin is the Division Chief of Fire Prevention. He says there are three types of exposures to the poisonous gas: mild, medium, and extreme.

“The mild exposure, you may have some flu-like symptoms which is about two to three hours of exposure. We have that medium exposure, and you produce dizziness, drowsiness, (and) vomiting. That is deemed a life-threatening condition. And then there’s the extreme which results in unconsciousness and brain damage in as little as a few minutes.”

Maclin says the batteries in carbon monoxide detectors should be changed twice a year and tested monthly. He says some other tips to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning include making sure water heaters are venting properly and getting furnaces professionally inspected.

The fine for not having a carbon monoxide detector is 250-dollars. Residents can get them for free by contacting the Peoria Fire Department.