Peoria HBA warns of fraudulant contractors

Nov 19, 2013

As residents rebuild following the tornadoes that hit central Illinois, they are being warned of fake contractors looking to make a quick buck. The Home Builders Association of Greater Peoria is giving some tips for those impacted by the storms to avoid getting scammed. Lisa Scott is the Executive Director of the local association.    

“Most of the companies that are going to come in from out of town are gonna want cash up front, or just really huge deposits to do the job, maybe pay our salesperson today, this offer’s only good today and we’ll get you on our schedule. So those are kind of the red flags that you want to watch for. If that deal seems too good to be true, if it doesn’t feel just right, don’t make an impulse decision.”

Scott says homeowners should be able to verify the business address of a contractor through local resources or on the web. She says contractors should also be able to provide references from previous customers. There should also be a written agreement between the homeowner and contractor that outlines the scope of the work being done and the final job price.

Area residents are encouraged to go to for a list of local companies that are professional contractors.