Peoria health fair to stress fitness, finance and health care

Oct 10, 2013

METEC is offering a Health and Wellness Fair Saturday in Peoria.  The non-profit group is partnering with housing officials, fitness experts and insurance companies to offer the event from 9 to 2 at the METEC Resource Center.  Doretha Jamison is with METEC.  She says the goal of the fair is to make residents aware of ways to boost their quality of life:

 “Just to reach the people in the Peoria community in general.  Especially because of the way the economy is.  EVeryone doesn't have transportation.  So we thought we’d bring all the activities to the participants and they’ll have a one stop shop,” Jamison says.  

 The fair includes physical fitness exams, mammograms and healthy food.  People can also apply online for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act and claim lost property through the state Treasurer’s Office.